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Instinkt Basiertes Medizin System® - IBMS® - Gegründet von Dr. Leonard Coldwell alias "Dr. C."

Die IBMS® Masters Society ist eine Gemeinschaft von Gewinnern für Gewinner. Dr. Leonard Coldwell ist der Begründer.

Dr Coldwell Opinion™ Radio Show USA – 16 12 2018

In This show Dr C ends the Fraud and the Hypocrisy of the Main Stream Media and Alternative Medicine. Topics are: – How Amy met Dr C – The New Documentaries and Movies about Dr. C, that are being made at the Moment – Details about Interviews that dont reveal the truth for the sake of profit. Dr. C gets shortened in an interview that was 35 Minutes long, because his telling the truth about the root cause of cancer could have destroyed the profit of the Supplement sellers, Oils and other Products sellers that where part of the congress. Guys, its them that kept away the Info from you! Necessary Information that was witheld, cut out! Witheld from people that would have needed it! These are the ones that you should rant on, not Dr. C!!! Listen to the Show to get all the Info.